Sydney Australia is going to the mall for Taiji dolphins (Includes interview) –

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Sydney – Four hosts will be going to Sydney’s busiest mall on August 31 to spread awareness for the upcoming Taiji dolphin drives. Set to commence on Sept. 1, the dolphin hunt season runs for six months. The event in Sydney, Australia, will be one of a listed 102 events planned for Japan Dolphins Day, an annual protest timed to coincide with the beginning of the drive hunt season in Taiji, Japan.As documented in the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove, the drives take place in the small coastal whaling village of Taiji in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan. Dolphins across several species are driven into a tiny cove by fishermen and either slaughtered for their meat or sold (at great profit), to the captive marine industry.Last season, 1,486 dolphins were driven into the cove. More than 60 percent were slaughtered.For Cathy Gilmore, who will host the Sydney event along with Petra Anderson, Elizabeth Brown and Rebecca Gilmore, the mission is simple. She told Digital Journal, “it comes from a deeper place within that you just can’t ignore.

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