Welcome to the BSI’s education & careers section. – British Society for Immunology.

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The BSI is one of the oldest, largest, and most active, Immunology societies in the world and is the largest in Europe. Our members are based all over the world, with the majority working in Britain.

The BSI’s main objective is to promote and support excellence in research, scholarship and clinical practice in immunology for the benefit of human and animal health and welfare. The BSI seeks to help British Immunology accomplish the highest possible goals. To meet this objective, the BSI undertakes the following:

Running innovative events in research, public engagement and educationPromoting and disseminating research and good practice in Immunology, translational medicine and vaccinationWorking with its members to develop the benefits of membership and the relevance of the SocietyProviding bursaries and grantsEnhancing public awareness of immunologyInfluencing policy and decision makersWorking with other societies

For further information, go to the relevant menu item or link below for information about:

the history and activities of the BSI.

our policies in relation to our website and the dissemination of information.

our Board of Trustees and committees.

The BSI Board of Trustees oversee the business activities of the BSI, ensuring the Society is well-run, financially sound, and that it meets its charitable aims and objectives. 

The BSI Forum is the ‘think tank’ of the BSI and the place where issues and ideas of importance to the Society and its members are raised, discussed and developed.

The scientific content of BSI events is overseen by the BSI Programme Committee, with a particular focus on the scientific content of the BSI Congress. 

The clinical interests of BSI members is represented and acted on by the BSI’sClinical Immunology and Allergy Section (CIAS) Executive Committee.

The Clinical Immunology and Allergy Section. Members who have an interest in clinical matters are invited to join the CIAS by updating their membershp profile.Clinical resources are also available under the Resources section of the site.

The work of the many Regional Groups and Affinity Groups supported by the BSI. All members are encouraged to join a group by updating their membershp profile.

BSI Honorary Members who are recognised for their outstanding contributions to immunology and, in many cases, the work of the Society.Our affiliations as an organisation.

BSI staff and contact details.

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